Serving those who suffer the most

Mission Statement

Our organization is designed to provide short term solutions for long term problems for those individuals in extreme situations. We base our giving decisions on needs, not wants.

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Stritecky Family Foundation

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About the Stritecky Family Foundation

The Foundation was formed to in order to gather funds and distribute to those in need, based on the criteria of our mission statement. The Stritecky Foundation was designed to provide funding and items that help individuals in immediate need. Our hope is that we provide to them the support needed to get them to their next level in life.

Our family hopes to fund this charitable organization for generations to come. 100% of the money raised from interested individuals will be spent on the needs as we see fit.

  • Assorted clothing for men women and children
  • Groceries for families that are in need
  • Emergency food items for those on the streets
  • Sleeping bags, blankets, etc. for those whom are living in non-home situations
  • Personal hygiene items for men, women and children
  • Back packs, school supplies, etc.
  • Many other items to provide for necessary and emergency needs

Board of Directors

  • Tom Stritecky
  • Becky Stritecky
  • Alexa Stritecky
  • Anna Stritecky
  • Trevor Sutterfeld